why do some Christians preach what paul said when that's not what Jesus said?

in the new testament in romans it says that paul said that homosexuality is wrong. Jesus didn't say that, paul said it.

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    That is a major fault in the Christian Traditions. Many of the churches teachings are based on Paul´s words not Jesus´. It´s kind of ironic that Paul actually lead persecutions agaist the early "Christians" before he converted.

    Paul never knew Jesus personally and his preachings were so different to that of James (Jesus´ brother) that the two conflicted.

    I can only assume that James knew his brother Jesus´ more intemetly than some random stranger, Paul

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    It was first called an abomination in Leviticus, way before the time of Jesus. Jesus didn't discuss every law in the old testament, but like He said, He didn't come to change the law, but to fulfill it. I'm not saying Paul was right or wrong, just clarifying that is wasn't a new concept in the bible. In Paul's time, the Roman men had a history of dressing as women, which the Jews saw as yes, an abomination, which is one reason Paul gave instruction on cross-dressing.

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    Well,it doesn,t matter what anyone says after the creator has decreed a thing.Do you remember the story of Abraham and Lot?Remember what happen in the city that Lot was in?The creator destroyed it,and their is still a mark left on the planet as a reminder of the wickedness that occurred in that city.So do not allow the twisted stories that have been invented by man to cause you to go off in your thinking.One thing I would suggest is to look for a continuity of message from the prophets,the common theme of the message,and know in your heart and mind that the creator is one,and have no partners,also,everything serves the creator.

  • I all comes down to what you believe about the BIble's authority. If you only believe what the Gospels say, then you have no leg to stand on witht the Trinity, or even when it comes to things like Christ's work on the Cross, because that was revealed to the Apostles but not fully recorded in the gospels.

    Then again, when it comes to specific issues, yo also have to look at the context of the writings. While many things were said, the majority of what paul wrote about concerning sex was regarding orgies and horrific defilement of the body.

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    Paul preached as the Holy Spirit directed - God's Word is whole - which means it does not contradict itself - God plan involves a man and woman - Paul's words are those of God - making excuses will not get you into heaven but a secured place in everlasting torment.

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    Jesus was a jew and taught as a jew under the old covenant. Jesus proclaimed His blood was the blood of a new covenant. A covenant of grace. That covenant came about upon His death at the cross at the end of the gospels. Paul taught under the new covenant. The Old Testament is clear also that homosexuality is wrong. Jesus believed, as a jew, in God's law. There is no difference.

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    Because some Christians think that they still have to live by some kind of "law," even though the Bible, including Paul, say otherwise.

    This being the holiday season, you might compare it to Santa Claus. The legend says that you have to be "good" or Santa won't bring you any presents. The reality is that we all get presents, even though none of us is truly "good" all year long.

    The "church" (not all, but some) says that you have to be "good" in order to be a Christian. The reality is that anyone who believes in Jesus the Christ as the Son of God is a Christian.

    Santa Claus brings us presents, not because we're good, but because someone loves us. We are Christians, not because we're good, not because we follow all the rules, but because God loves us.

    "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that anyone who believes in him may not perish, but may have everlasting life."

    Merry Christmas!

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    Christians preach what all of Christs followers said, not just Paul.

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    That is a great question! I have asked it before too. But in my research, I have found that the reason we, The Christians...preach what Paul saided, and all the other apostles of Jesus Christ. Is because they were filled with the holy spirit. God enlightened them to the divinty which filled himself, and the Apostles taught on it. Paul was a man of God, and he taught what God taught him. Asking why Paul said it instead of God is like saying..."Why did Mom teach me not to steal instead of God?" Because God taught Adam it was wrong to steal, and so it went on down the line, being passed from generation to generation...that stealing was wrong. So apply that to Paul, Paul taught what he was taught by his heavenly Father. And he wrote it down. Doubting what Paul wrote is like doubting what our fore-father's wrote about our USA when it was being founded. Some things are taken by faith, like the fact that the people that made the US possible really knew what they were doing. Or that your mother was right when she told you not to steal. Or the fact that what Paul said was true. And you take on faith that ALL scripture is God breathed. The bible is without error. And you have to know that Paul wouldn't be in the bible, if what he wrote, wasn't inline with what God wanted.

    I hope I answered your question, thanks for answering it.

    God bless you, and merry Christmas

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    Paul was inspired to say these things by the power of God's Holy Spirit, as indeed every word contained in the Bible is the inspired word of God.

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