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what job can I get...?

What kind of job can I get after I graduate, with a Bachelors Degree in Community Health and Wellness?

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    I think that one way to explore options would be to look into community centers that offer positions in developing and running programs for different age groups--for example, my grandmother goes to Silver Sneakers at the local YMCA, which is a physical fitness program for senior citizens. Also look into agencies that promote various types of health education and programming--to help people quit smoking, to learn about STDs and prevention, support for individuals who have been abused, etc.

    Good luck!

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    City or government job would be your best/most secure options. Would go to your local Workforce Commission and fill out forms/questionnaires to place you in their system. You will then be notified by snail/e-mail of available positions that you are suited for. Most universities also have similar placement services.

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    A job in the community

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    Good research on your major! Usually social work.

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    Janitor at a hospital.

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    hoepfully none :) also ummm maybe u shoulda looked into that **** before u got so far huh?

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