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How do you deal with extremely rude people on a daily basis?

It seems as I get older my tolerance for rude and stupid people decreases. I work in a total customer service occupation and I need a good come back for people who are rude to me and I can't say anything back that might be rude to them. Go figure. I actually had a lady ask why a piece of mail was sent to the wrong address. No I don't work at the post office. She became irate when I told her that I couldn't answer her question. Please help me, I am rated on my customer service and I'm quickly losing all patience I have dealing with ignorant people. Thank you

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    As difficult as it may be, you attract more flies with honey, honey.

    Kill them with kindness. Usually these people that come in and take out their frustrations on you are looking for a fight or argument.

    Be overly sympathetic with them, tell them that you immediately want to correct the bad situation and make things right for them.

    How could they possibly argue with you if you are being 110% charming and responsive to them?

    Just try it and you'll see what I mean.

    (Then afterwards, go home and get out your voodoo doll)

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    You need to develop a thick skin. Stop taking things personally. Don't feel like you have to get even all the time. If you ever get a really mean person, then just get your supervisor to handle it. You are paid to do customer service, not be a defense attorney.

    Put a small mirror by your desk and smile in it. It will put you in a better mood. If you are in a better mood, then they will be. If you are in a sour mood, the people will be too. You may not know it, but your mood affects how people treat you. If you are getting a lot of mean people, it probably means that you are in a bad mood. Have fun with your customers. Put in a few jokes. Compliment your customers. The time will pass quicker and they will have fun back with you.

    Stop being pissed off about answering easy questions. That is why you get paid. They didn't hear you giving the same exact response to the other 300 people. Just answer their question and move on. Act like it is the first time you ever answered it.

    If you can't or won't do this then just get another job. Dealing with the public is not easy.

    Good luck to you.

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    I work in the same situation except that the people that I work with are crazy and call me up and yell at me for no reason, I just listen and apologize and ask them what I can do to help, if they say that the mail went to the wrong address, I get a current address to update the computer (even if I know that it isn't my fault, it gets them to shut up in a hurry), if they don't know what I can do to help than I tell them that I will look into the matter further and get back to them. Half of the time I don't need to because there's nothing that I can do, but I just give them a call back and let them know that I investigated the manner and that the situation has been sorted out or something and if they're still mad I apologize and tell them that I've done everything that I can, have a nice day, and hang up.

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    Say: I have gotten other peoples mail to and returned it to the post office. It is annoying to get it but after all the postal carriers are only human and make mistakes to, or maybe it was stuck to another piece of mail when yours got delivered. It isn't always easy being in customer service but just keep smiling and hope that the next person you serve is more pleasant then the last.

    Remember that for every rude person there is usually 4 nice people.

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    Well the old saying is true, KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS!!!

    This really really does work. i was in customer service for over 15 years and have taken several classes on the subject. the title is the easy way to put it, but the are ways to keep people happy or turn them around. One key phrase is, " WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE YOU HAPPY?" those type of things will help you resolve any problem.

    Then on the other hand some people LIVE for disrespecting other people, they want to make you upset. Once again smile and KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS. You'll find out that if your smiling and happy that most RUDE people cant stand it and will either change there way or leave you alone. which in either case will in turn make you more happy.

    KEEP working at it and dont let other people bring YOU down!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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    I think that you have 2 options, choose to ignore them, because they can't see you anyways or you need to change job. I know how annoying customers can be, because they are looking for someone during the day to take their frustration on, and since they have that laissez faire, that the customer is always right so they tend on taking advantage of the situation and abuse you as much as they can because they know that you can not retaliate back at them. I think that you might consider becoming a supervisor where you get more authority, for example having the power to hang up the phone on them when they are being rude with you.

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    I've been working in retail for 25 yrs and do deal with a lot of rude people. The best thing that I have found when dealing with them is to smile and be extremely nice and polite back to them. You would be surprised how many respond very warmly back to you.

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    ! think it's like this. I work in a big supermarket and 99% of the customers are fine. Of the other 10%, 9% are just having a bad day and would be ok at any other time. That leaves the 1% who are working out their issues on the likes of me and you. More than that, I think they feel powerless in their own lives and so exercise power over us in the knowledge that we can't retaliate. Unfortunately, it sound like all you are getting is that 1%.

    Well here's a big hug and (if you are a lady) kiss from me!

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    Rule 1: Let the customer vent their anger. Listen to them without interruption.

    Rule 2: Offer a solution to the problem. "What can I do for you to help resolve this problem?"

    Rule 3: Show complete empathy for their situation.

    Rule 4: If they cannot comply with rules 1-3, then they don't really want help, they just want to make their problem worse.

    And, if they curse and use profanity toward you, tell them, "I'm terribly sorry for any inconvenience we've caused you, but I do not have to listen to that sort of language." If they are unapologetic, tell them you are going to hang up on them now, and do so!

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    I used to work with Social Security & you wouldn't believe the rude people we interviewed. Under no circumstances were we allowed to be rude (at least in my office). Believe me, I sympathize with you. It isn't easy but this is how most of us were able to handle the pressure:

    Never raise your voice; in fact it helps to lower it. People will often lower theirs automatically & become less angry. Pay attention to them & try not to be argumentative. Instead try to be soothing. Say you're sorry when there's nothing you can do to help someone. For instance, it probably would have calmed that lady down who was complaining about her lost mail if you had said, "Oh I'm so sorry that happened to you." (I know; gag, gag sometimes)Basically what it comes down to is having good manners. You represent your co. & employers want us to treat customers with consideration & respect.

    Note: We were allowed to tell someone who was using profane language that if they continued to do so we would hang up on them & if they did; we did hang up.

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