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How young can a jockey be before they are allowed to race?

Is there an age limit on how young you can be to race and if so how young can you be?

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    A jockey can get his/her apprentice jockey license at 16. An apprentice license allows them to ride in races but they are not allowed to get a regular jockey license until they have earned a certain amount of money riding before getting a jockey license. A jockey can ride for as long he/she wishes to ride, some jockeys ride races well into their 40's or 50's before retiring.

    Source(s): Been working with racehorses for 5 years.
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    To be an apprentice jockey, a person needs to be at least 16 years old. Racing authorities have given some thought to changing this to 18 years because of the extreme dangers of riding Thoroughbreds in races; also because someone apprenticed at 16 still has the potential to grow bigger and taller, which makes keeping the weight down to riding weight almost an impossible task.

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    well alot of them are from Mexico and race very young as young as 10 no one tracks illegals here. so the police wont do nothing about this. there is a great story about jockeys in maxim mag about 2 months ago

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    You can be as youg as 8 or ten to pony ride, but to ride in offical races u have to be at least 16.

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