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Hi my kitten's eye got cloudy over the past 2 days. Is this normal among kittens?

Its filling up the eye ball. My kitty is also not opening her eye properly. Please suggest what I should do.


My uncle who is a vet (who stays in a different town) suggested atropine 2-3 and gentomycin drops. He said he had used it successfully on cattle before.Is this ok

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    It's body has been invaded by an alien force, and soon it will split open, revealing the alien nasty inside. Beware!

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    Any sneezing, coughing or nasal discharge to go along with it? No this is not normal, you need to see a vet for proper medications. Sometimes kittens will get conjunctivits, upper respiratory virus and infection, or your kitten could have gotten an ulcer or scratch on the eye. It could also be a congenital problem, but as you probably already know the vet is your answer.

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    Take her to the vet immediately, so she does not lose her eyesite. It is probably an eye infection. Do not treat her with any human eye medications. If it is conjunctivitus, it can be passed on to humans (pink eye!)

    I hope she feels better soon.

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    No. It is not normal. Take your kitten to the vet asap!!

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  • Anne2
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    Take the kitten to the vet, stat.

    Your Kitten is very sick.

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    mine had the same problem. mine ended up having cataract on the left eye, rendering it useless. make sure u check it asap witha vet. might require surgery.

  • I would take her/him to the vets.. She/He will give you some anti-botics and eye oitment most likely... If not treated properly, your kitty will be blind!

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    No, this is not normal. Bring it to the vet ASAP.

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    She has an infection that will not go away by itself but will get worse the longer you wait. Please help her and take her to the vet today.

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    take the cat to a vet.........

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