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Birth control pills and weight gain?

How much weight would you gain if you started birth control pills( I haven't started yet, if you know what I mean. i'm 16 years old i'll be 17 in March and they tested me for everything and now the doctors want me to take the pills.)

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  • Stella
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  • Mary
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    It's most definitely from the birth control... this is VERY common for women who take the pill. The pill has different effects on different women, sometimes it enlarges the breasts but almost always it makes women gain weight.. My cousin recently started taking the pill (a few months ago) and she gained A LOT of weight, I was really shocked... she was very thin before and now she is much larger. The reason that you gain weight while on birth control, is because the pill "tricks" your body into thinking that it's preagnant (hence, this is why you gain weight, by retaining water as if you were actually preagnant)... Check out the below reference, this should give you more 411 on the effects that birth control has on your body, including weight gain.

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    Before the birth of my son, I hadn't ever been on the pill. My boyfriend and I tried for 3 years to have a child. We never used anything and I didn't get pregnant for that long. Then I started birth control pills after my son was born. He is three now and I haven't gained weight because of the pill.

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    The are many different types of birth control pills and each has its own side effects. You may or may not gain weight. it all depends on how your body reacts to the extra hormones or the lack of hormones. You should really look up the side effects associated with the type of pill that your doctor may prescribe. You may even get lucky and lose weight.

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    I don't think that the pill actually causes you to gain weight. The pill tricks your body into thinking that it is pregnant so your hormones kick in and you want to eat more. I found that I wanted to eat more once I got on the pill, but wasn't necessarily hungry. I gained about 10 lbs in four months (mostly in the boobs though!), but once I realized that all I was doing was eating more when i wasn't even hungry, I cut down on the food to normal portions. I don't need enough food for two, so I just don't eat that much even if my body wants it.

  • Nancy
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    1 decade ago

    Birth control pills do not cause weight gain.

    That's a myth.

    I have been on the pill for thirteen years. Did not gain weight from them.

  • Anonymous
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    I started them 5 years ago and probably only gained about 2 pounds in that time (of course it could be the fish and chips but i like to blame the pill teehee) Its such a small effect you wont even notice

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    Weight gain is individual from person to person. It is not that dramatic. I only gained a few pounds and it happened over the course of a year or so.

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    A lot or may be none at all it depends on the person diferent brands of birth control pills have different effects on different person so hope you get lucky...

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    I am seventeen and i have been taking the pills for a whole year and i only gained ten pounds.

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