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How can I get my confidence back?

I already posted this question before, the respondents seem to be ignorant to what I am saying...

I have had bad relationships with women, and sex was a problem with a few. Now that I realize the whole penis size debate is all about loose vaginas, tight vaginas, loose vagina needs big penis, averaage vagina is great for average vagina; how do I overcome my fears of findind another woman?

Helpful information that is needed to be read...

1. I am not insecure of my equipment.

2. I am afraid of the past repeating itself.

3. I know how to use the clit.

4. I know how to use the G-Spot

Then why am I so afraid to start anything with anyone else?? Is this a natural feeling? I refuse to gaiin emotions for someone; sexually if this person is not truly satisfied with me, by all means. Physical, moral, spiritual, intellectually, etc...

I want some feed back into how I can erase these bad feelings, the thoughts. Everybody is different, somewhere there is my woman, now i am afraid.

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    sounds like you've maybe had some women treat you in a hurtful way.That alone is enough to affect a man for years.Read some books on self-confidence.Exercise can help you feel better about yourself too.Mostly meeting up w/ a woman who likes all of you and tells you and shows you repeatedly will be the best therapy for you.

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    I responded to your other question, my friend, but I didnt provide much help I noticed. I simply gave you the truth.

    Anyway, Andy is absolutely correct. Sometimes a women's comments can be detrimental to your health, and can affect you for years to come. Again, the truth is that you have an average sized wang, but it will also generally be considered small by most females because 6 inches is just considered small. Thats the way it is. But its true that alot of dudes have your size, alot of much larger, and alot have smaller as well.

    My advice to you seriously, is to learn how to play women completely. There are incredible health benefits that you can obtain with outstanding, healthy sex. If you are able to extract a womens sexual energy and just move on, you are pretty much good to go. You dont need a wife, you dont need a long term sweetie pie relationship where you buy the women this and that and buy her expensive diamond rings. It is all a massive sham.

    Think about it... Its not like you cant give a women an orgasm, you are plenty big enough. But most girls dont like penis' our size dude, they like them big. Why would you bust your *** your entire life for some girl and buy her an expensive diamond ring and marry her, when she is just going to be bouncing on some other guys big d*** behind your back, and then kissing you?

    Sure, it may sound like I'm angry and just ranting, but dude, this is what women do. The very nature of the opposite sex is very promiscuous, and if you are not your spouses sexual fantasy, then the women or man is going to be either thinking about sex with another, or actually having sex with another person(or persons).

    Despite the myth surrounding females being complicated creatures, they are actually not very complicated at all, and if you break everything down to its essense, they are very easily understood. We human beings can only intellectually combat our primitive and automatic nature, nothing more. Sometimes the intellect will only argue with or suppress the automated nature. And sometimes intelligence will lead to groundbreaking scientific advances.

    Your best weapon is not to lie to yourself, but to understand the 'WHY'. Most women that are automatically attracted to a larger, masculine man with a larger penis dont even understand why. Anyway, my advice to you is this. Alot of women are not going to be sexually satisfied with you, and they will get tired of you, sexually, sooner or later. Go through women fast, play them for a fool, extract the sexual energy, and go to the next one. ALWAYS USE PROTECTION!

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    First of all, QUIT FOCUSING on sex.

    Make a list of all your OTHER good qualities

    Find an honest sweet girl

    Marry a virgin.

    Don't have sex before marriage.

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