I need help creating a form on Word 2002.?

I want to have fields for name, address, phone number, etc., and once it's entered once, it automatically fills it in the rest of the form where it calls for name. I know how to do the form boxes. But I don't know how to assign it to a property like "name". Any help would be great!

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  • Bogdan
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    1 decade ago
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    If I were you, I'd rather create the form by hand, using an ordinary text editor than with "Word".

    If you still want to use "Word", create the form as you like it to look like, open the source code and create a script that fills in all the the boxes you want with the "value" property of the completed field by assigning to the "value" property of the box to be filled-in the "value" property of the completed box.

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