i bought my son a nintendo wii for christmas then i learned nintendo is offering an upgrade replacement strap?

for FREE the only problem is they dont tell consumers where to get these straps. do any yahooligans know where i can get this free upgrade strap. the article said at autorized nintendo service centers... i live in oklahoma are there any of these centers here or can i send proof of purchast via mail and receive it that way?????

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    1 decade ago
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    Go here and fill in your info, they'll ship you one one ASAP...



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  • 1 decade ago

    go to www.nintendo.com. There is a link on their home page for the strap recall. You will need the serial number from the WII...should be on the outside of the box. You can order up to four replacements for purchased Wii Remotes, but you do not have to provide proof of the remotes. The new straps will not be available until 12/21 and will begin shipping shortly after that. Expect to receive them around the end of the year, possibly early January.

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