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I have rewritten some traditional christmas songs. very marketable! How do I find out about copywrite issues

looking for someone with music copy-write knowledge. Also, with some working knowledge in regards to recording music. These songs are very marketable. Willing to share in any proceeds that the songs will generate.

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    In regards to the first answer-this is generally referred to as "poor man's copyright". The only exception is they MUST cross state lines-this is very important!! Second,you really don't need an attorney to submit your songs for copyright..The best advice I can give is to go to the ASCAP, BMI or SESAC website-you will find all the info you need there..It's relatively inexspensive to copyright your material.

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    Hire an attorney. But even before that take a copy of the songs, put them in an envelope, seal it up and send them to yourself via registered mail. Then when it comes to you, sign for it but DO NOT open the package. This will be a testament that you created these songs, the date you sent them and a sealed package proving you own them. If it ever comes up in court - you have sealed proof that these are in fact your songs.

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