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Can foster children attend private school?

Can foster children attend private schools in the state of Connecticut? I'm writing a story and would like my details to be accurate.

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    I believe anyone who can afford the tuition mat attend a private school. The Connecticut department of education website may have more specific information. Another source would be your state or county youth services department.

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    you could deliver them to a private college as long because it particularly is paid for out of your pocket. the only rule for college is that foster teenagers can't be homeschooled. jointly as the county won't help you with training, they pays for issues like field holiday and activities costs purely like if the youngster have been in public college. You point out the youngster's academic potential. The State has to furnish any particular preparation tutors and therapists to any newborn needing them in any college of their district. it may be the comparable to your daughters as for a newborn you usher in from foster care. in the event that they won't carry out at grade point, you may get the youngster examined by using your college district and a a million:a million help, speech therapist, occupational therapist, actual therapist, etc could be despatched by using the college district to the internal maximum college to help the youngster. the college districts tend to fuss greater over teenagers in inner maximum faculties, yet you might have the youngster's foster care caseworker that may assist you recommend.

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    Foster KIds can do anything regular kids can do

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