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Why are my audio fusses keep shorting out?

I have an after-market (Alpine) CD/MP3 player in my day my radio desided to just randomly turn off on me so I checked my fuse to see if it was blown or not, and it was. So I replaced it but when I before I was able to even put the new fuse all the way in blew sparks flew and the fuse was blown. Any ideas as to why it is blowning my fuses???

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    Turn off the car before putting in new fuses. Try a higher wattage fuse, on the top there is a tiny number (5, 25, 30, etc.) try the next highest up because a low fuse may not be able to take the power of the system. If that isn't the problem, and you have a sub/amp you may need an amp kit. Your local stereo installer will be able to help you out. Other than that, I'd say check the wires, there may be a short in them which means you need a completely new wire somewhere. Good luck.

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    yep, ophelia is right, must be a too small value of amper, or a short circuit somewhere. if you have an amplifier and you are using the radio remote out line as its voltaje may cause this and its wrong that way. and, what fuse have blown? the one on the radio, or the car one destinated to the radio??

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    There may be some shorting, or the wrong value fuse ask someone to check it for you...

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