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How many calories do you burn during...?

I was just curious about how amany calories are burned during sex. I saw another question on here earlier and I didnt see a lot of serious answers, so i'm posting one of my own to get some serious answers from you all. Its not that i'm counting calories at such a young age, i'm just curous about this stuff.

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    According to the posture ,duration,hardness or stiffness & also in male or females the calories used may vary upto 1200 but if your wife knock on the door it may use 4000 cal while putting the clothes.

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    It depends.

    On average about 1400 calories are burned. That other dude that said 300, he must be a minute man. LOL!!!

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    no way 1400 calories are burned, that average daily intake is 2000.

    It also depends if you're the man or woman.. men would tend to burn more, but it depends what positions you're doing, like missionary or doggy or froggystyle, the man would burn more, but cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, the woman would burn more.

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    about 1400 i heard it depends on the positionand the way u do it

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    depends if you're the more active paticipant or not, on average though about 300

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