There's a movie that came on HBO a few years ago, but I can't remember the name of it and I want it on DVD.

It's about this American Indian family that moved from their reservation to a big city, I think it was Los Angeles. It was a mother and her two teenage daughters and their younger brother. Anyways, the area where they moved to was a bad one and the oldest daughter didn't get along with the black girls and everyone wanted to fight her, because all the guys wanted to talk to her and they had a cousin who had cancer and the youngest daughter always went to visit her. I think she got shot at the end, but I can't really remember, because it was so long ago. But it was a very good movie and I've been looking for it on DVD, but not knowing the name of it is making it a little hard. So if you have any idea could you please tell me. Thanks for any help.

2 Answers

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