what is the name of the medicine that is given to soldiers during basic so that they do not get horney?

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    Saltpeter, but it was not slipped during basic training. Urban legend has it that it was slipped into the chow for the navy guys so they don't get horny and have an orgy with each other during the 4 to 6 month ship trip to the next port.

    My friend is an ex-Navy, so he claims yes, they did. I am ex-Air Force, I say no,because I never had an erection problem during that time.

    But urban legend and based on my friend's testimony (remember he was in the Navy during the late 80's), I do believe they slipped saltpeter in the Navy chow on the ship.

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    Dude thats one of those conspiracy things. It does not happen. If that was the case you wouldn't have problems catching people in basic masturbating of having sex behind buildings all the time exspecially on Sunday when males and females saw each other in church it did not take long for some to get caught in the bathrooms. Trust me there are plenty of "horney " people in basic.

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    Horney and Gibbon are not good at all. Taylor, Hunter, and Madison are decent for first names

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    They do not give troops anything to keep them from getting sexually aroused.

    "A popular misconception is that potassium nitrate (saltpeter) is an anaphrodisiac and was added to food in all-male institutions. In fact, potassium nitrate has no such effect in humans." Wikipedia

    Source(s): Everyone in my family is military.
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    Drill Sergeant's breath.

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    There are just some questions that should not be asked because they show how stupid the asker is.

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    where did you hear such nonsense?

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