If you had these buttons in front of you which ones would you pick to press?

If you had these three buttons in front of you which ones would you press?

The most detailed and creative answer will get the points, (don't believe me? Check my other questions I always pick the best answer, try answering the other ones if you like them so much.)

Here are the buttons:

( o ) Turn everyone into Cats

( o ) Turn everyone into Statues

( o ) Turn everyone into Chocolate

( o ) Turn everyone into Gold

( o ) Turn everyone into Bunnies

You can press as many as you like, and at the same time, but please describe what the effects would be and how the world would be like afterwards. Also why would you do it?

Note: pressing a button 2 times will undo the effect

Most creative and detailed answer will get the points. Most impotently have fun! (Spammers and people who hate will be turned into Christmas trees)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would push every button at the same time and have mass caous! There would be cats chasing bunnies....running into statue people and gold people. I notice that some of the bunnies are chocolate, probably because I pushed all the buttons at once and caused some kind of an overload. The cats and the bunnies, even the chocolate ones, are jumping on all of the Christmas trees (must have been alot of spammers and haters).

    As the statue people of the world are at a stand still (that would be the elected officals and government workers of the world), and the gold people are walking around admiring themselves in anything they can get a reflection in, (that would be the concieted people of the world), and the cats and bunnies are running around playing and having fun.....paying no attention to the world wide caous that I have created (that would be the children and the helpless of the world), I would scurry around the world taking food to the hungry, picking up the homeless and the helpless and putting them in good places that they would be taken care of, picking up soldiers and putting them with their families for Christmas (even tho they would be heavy because they fall in the statue category under government worker). Then I would drill holes in the minds of the elected officals and fill it with globs of chocolate that has splashed on the Christmas trees from the bunnies running from the cats (maybe it would help them to make sweeter decisions). I would also fill the gold peoples hearts with chocolate (a sweet chocolate heart...filled with love). I would also film everything I had done and send it to Charlie Gibson to air on the world news. Then, I would repush every button and turn everyone back, hoping that the world will let the goodness stay where it is.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would press the following buttons:

    Turn everyone into chocolate (twice)

    After pressing the button the first time, I would go to as many places as possible and rid the world of the worlds most heinous convicted criminals (serial rapists, murderers ect) by throwing their chocolate statues into the ocean to relieve the tax burden and protect the safety of law-abiding citizens. My original thought was to turn them to statues, but chocolate is far easier to lift than stone.

    With everyone still in chocolate form, I would systematically steal a substantial amount of money from banks, half of which to be redistributed to charities of my choice, half to keep for myself.

    After that, I know I'd be getting lonely. Then it would be time to press the button again and bring the people back.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Cats The World Would Be A Better Place Because Cats Don't Care The Go Were They Want To Go Do What They Wanted To Do

  • 1 decade ago

    I would pick to press everyone into gold, this way i could cash it all in and have the best shopping spree ever, all on my own, how cool would that be.

    Then i would turn everyone into chocolate as it's delicious but id probably end up being sick afterwards.

    Then probably turn everyone into statues so i could laugh at them all by doing funny things such as painting funny faces on them all and making them look silly.

    Then turn everyone into bunnies as they are so cute,

    And i dont think turning everyone into cats would be a good idea as they could be nasty vicious cats and gang up on me and claw my eyes out for turning them into cats, so i dont think id turn this button.

    A good question by the way, someones got the joy of christmas anyway!

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  • kja63
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    "Turn everyone...." would include me too as I am in the collective everyone.

    So that eliminates Statues, Chocolate, and Gold from my choices since they are inanimate objects and no more choices could be made after that one.

    Now, bunny or cat? Hmmmmmmmm

    If we're all bunnies, that means lots of sex for everyone. But the result would be oh so many bunnies and no predators. Eventually, the world of bunnies would devour the food and we would all die. Besides, bunnies are pretty dumb!

    So I choose the CATS button. PURRRRRRRR

  • Mary
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    Gold Cat Statue = Sphinx Gold Bunny Chocolate = Easter Candy Gold Chocolate = Ferrero Rocheir Cat Statue = Cheap Decoration at Halloween Cat Bunny = The NEW hybrid Chocolate Statue = Giant Stomach ache Gold Statue = Decoration in Saddam's Palace GOLD CHOCOLATE CAT-BUNNY STATUE = Really Stupid I would pick the Gold Cat Statue, Revered world-wide as royalty!

  • 1 decade ago

    OK, to begin with, I would NOT turn anyone into cats because they would all use my backyard as their litter box. I guess I would turn everyone into statues so that the cats that already use my backyard as a litter box will pee on the statues and not shi_ in my yard.

  • 1 decade ago

    I would probably end up with chocolate covered Gold !

  • 1 decade ago

    Chocolate!!!! and then I would eat most of them!(only if their chocolate, after all I am no Dahmer)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Bunnies. I love the way rabbits "co-habitate". They don't care who watches they just go at it - constantly

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