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Can gasoline or diesel fuel freeze?

Just curious. Does people's gas in their car freeze in the winter if the car isn't plugged in?

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    As well as diesel is concern it can freeze. The freezing point depends upon the quality of the diesel and can be (1 degree C to 14 degree C).

    But pure gasoline can not be freeze in normal atmospheric temperature because it need -238* F which is quit impossible in living areas. If gasoline will mixed up with water it can.

  • Gary D
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    Yes, it can. There is no water in gasoline. Gasoline will not freeze at say, 0 degrees Fahrenheit or even into the teens below zero, but it will begin to thicken and form a gel. As the temperature drops, it will ultimately freeze into a solid, however that temperature will need to be alot lower than most people experience.

    In very cold climates such as Alaska and the South Pole research stations, they use battery powered warmers in their vehicles (Attached to the fuel tanks and hoses) to heat up the gasoline to prevent this gelling effect and allow the fuel to flow.

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    water in the fuel can freeze and block your fuel line. you fix that by adding a bottle of gas-line anti-freeze to keep the water from freezing.

    diesel fuel can also get cloudy and hard to ignite in very cold weather. usually refineries adjust the diesel fuel for the season but if you have old fuel in your tank or whateve,r you can just go buy a bottle of additive will clear up the fuel

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    Both can freeze! Gasoline generally does not, as it's freezing temperature is very low. However diesel's freezing temperature is high enough that it may freeze in the winter.

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  • Debra
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    Yes diesel will gel up. Putting additives in the tank will help keep the fuel from gelling.

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    Water in the fuel line can freeze and cause a fuel failure, but the gas itself cannot (unless it is REALLY cold)

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    not at any temp you will find on earth - but water in the fuel will freeze and plug up the lines

    ( gasoline anti-icer or de-icer is alcohol which will attract the water and lower it's freezing point )

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    Yes, everything can freeze to a solid.

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    If you have a gas engine in your car, and drive it regularly and don't run on empty, you do not need any additives.

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    yes because of the water in the gas.

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