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i want some friends?

i am 14 y girl and want to know how to make friends as i have no friend from my childhood i dont know how to talk and behave with others i always feel lonely and sometimes want to die i had no one to whome i can have fun and my parents are not understanding me they always feel that i am wrong i dont want to discuss my problem with them i feel very bad when i see myself alone everywhere and when i try to talk someone they always make fun of me because of this i cannot concentrate ion my studies and my grades r going down i want to talk to everyone tell me what to do ?

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    I feel very bad for you. Being lonely is a sad place to be.

    I can tell you that people love to be the center of attention so be friendly, smile and ask them questions that will get them talking about themself. It's a good way to start and will make you feel more comfortable. Once you feel more comfortable you will think of other interesting things to talk about to create friendships.

    Another good way to make friends is to join a club or organization where you'll find people who have the same interests. If you're a member of a church there must be a teen group you could join.

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