chemistry help .. i don't understand this. plz help me thank you?

i really don't get this plz help me i have a test tommorow but still not getting the molar ratio works..

9. The elements lithium and oxygen react ex-

plosively to from lithium oxide (Li2O). How much lithium oxide will form if 2:6 mol of

lithium react? Answer in units of mol.

10. Ammonia (NH3) is widely used as a fertilizer

and in many household cleaners. How much

ammonia is produced when 5:39 mol of hydro-

gen gas react with an excess of nitrogen gas?

Answer in units of mol.

11. How many atoms are in 2 x10^-10 g Au

4. In 0:29 mol of SO2 there are how many moles

of oxygen atoms? Answer in units of mol.

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    Didnt get you correctly is it2:6 or 2.6 mol


    9. 4Li + O2 ---->2LiO2

    Thus 1 mol Li gives 0.5 mol Li2O

    2.6 mol Li gives 1.3 mol Li2O

    10. Since Hydrogen is limited it decides the amount of ammonia formed.

    3H2+ N2----->2NH3

    3 moles of hydrogen gives 2 moles of ammonia.

    5.39 moles of hydrogen gives 2*5.39/3 moles of ammonia = 3.593 moles of Ammonia.

    11. Atomic weight of gold =197

    thus 197 g gold contains 6.0225*10^23 atoms

    thus 2 x10^-10 g Au contains 6.0225*10^23 *2 x10^-10/197= 6.1138 * 10^11 atoms.

    4. 1 mol SO2==2 mol O atoms

    0.29 mol SO2==0.58 mol O atoms

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