How many days ahead of time can i bake pies?

I want to bake my holiday pies ahead of time. But i dont want them to dry out. How many days ahead of Christmas can I bake them?

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    I think the fresher the better ..... but, for baking ahead I would say no more than 2 days for a pumpkin ... 1 day for fruit pies, as the crust gets soggy. Meringue pies definitely the same day.

    Happy baking

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    Unfortunately 2-crust pies (such as apple, mince, etc.) are best within a few hours of their baking because the crusts are still crispy. They are certainly edible the next day however - just not as crispy.

    One-crust pies (like pumpkin) are ok even the next day or two after baking. The bottom crust may not be as crisp but they keep fine in the refrigerator.

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    I would do it the day before. Any earlier and the crust may get soggy if it is a 'juicy' pie or they may dry if it isnt. If you make a pumpkin or sweet potatoe, or a chess pie; you can make then 2-3 days ahead. If you do fruit, I would do the NIGHT before. You dont want fruit to be nasty.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can back your pie shells way ahead of time for filled pies and just freeze them, pull them when needed and fill and serve.

    My mother , baker of several decades of fruit pies, uses tapioca with her filling(not cheap instant, does not dissolve), actually will bake her pies 2 wks out, cool them thoroughly, cover in wax paper and wrap in aluminum foil and freeze them. Pull out day ahead of useage, thaw and serve.

    Good luck

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    One day ahead of time is about right. At the most, two days. Any more than that, and they get soggy or watery.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'd say bake them the day before you plan to serve them.

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    4-5 days depending on the type of pie, but that puts you into another dilemma... the temptation to eat them prior to the date of the event. :)

  • 5 years ago

    what about a chicken pot pie? Can I make filling tonight and then put together and bake tomorrow?

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