where does the saying 'out of the blue' come from?

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    I think it has something to do with the sky - being blue and all that. something appears out of nowhere and is therefore out of the sky

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    The phrase dates back to ancient Greece, the Middle ages.

    Here some early examples, many are very famous literary figures. One notices that it is most common as "a bolt out of the blue".

    A bolt of lightning out of a dark sky or such would be no surprise.

    History of Friedrich the Second Called Frederick the Great - Page 21 by Thomas Carlyle - 1864

    ... a decidedly brilliant feat of War: falling like a bolt out of the blue,—like three bolts, suddenly

    Life and Letters of Erasmus - Page 199

    by James Anthony Froude - 1896 - 433 pages

    ... , as a bolt out of the blue, there came a Bash of lightning, which scattered these fair imaginings and set the world on fire. ...

    The Universal Christ, and Other Sermons: Preached in Liverpool - Page 242

    by Charles Beard - 1888 - 299 pages

    Half our sharpest woes are what we call bolts out of the blue : if prepared for, yet prepared for in a region out of our ken, and flash-ing upon us unawares ...

    Translations from the German: Musæus, Tieck, Richter - Page 243 by Thomas Carlyle, Johann Karl August Musäus, Ludwig Tieck, Jean Paul - 1863 - 389 pages

    ... this umbrella as a thunder-screen, to keep off any bolt out of the blue heaven

    Herodotus: the fourth, fifth, and sixth books - Page 117

    by Herodotus, Reginald Walter Macan - 1895

    ... during the decade preceding Marathon, until the appeal of Athens to Sparta against Aigina comes as 'a bolt out of the blue.

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    Like out of the sky because the sky is blue and big. So it came out of something so big that it's hard to tell where it came from.

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    It means something that has just appeared from nowhere you can think of....as in our Deltra Goodrem's song about Mark Phillopousis...(He appeared to her from.."Out of the Blue", and that is also the title of her song for him)..The story is, she was just diagnosed with luekemia and in hospital when he appeared in her room with a bunch of flowers and introduced himself to her..They fell in love and the song says her love also came from.."Out of the Blue"....Sad their love ended, but both are happy again......Also...Out of the blue, is Aussie slang and means all of the above......Merry Xmas from out of the blue...

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    =from the sky, which is blue =out of nowhere

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    same as falling from the sky

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