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Is it possible to think a man is playing mind games, but it could just be that he has been hurt before?

I was dating this guy, and I feel that sometimes talking to him is like trying to play chess for the first time with no instructions. He was married before, and the wife had an affair and got pregnant while he was over seas, which resulted in a divorce. He shared with me that he has had women walk out of his life for what he felt was no reason and ultimately I did the same thing because I was a hard person to read, and I think he never really got over or dealt with the hurt from his ex-wife. Now I sit back and wonder with his ex-wife as well as being sent overseas 4 times in the last 5 years is he really playing mind games or is he just an emotional mess. When I say mind games he always say things that you have to try and figure out. He almost always uses analogies, and he is never really open, but when he talks to you he makes you feel like he is fishing for you to say things that mean he is still important to you. So again is that mind games or an emotional mess.

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    its the issue of trust he doestnt want to get hurt again so he seeing if he can be with u and trust u

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  • He has just been hurt so many times he can't let that wall he has built get broken down. I think by you leaving him as well only made his wall thicker. I hope one day he can find the love he deserves.

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