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Should there be Privitization of the Public School system in the U.S.?

Our public schools are barely making the grade themselfs. Between the Goverments inputs and laws as wel as each states laws or concerns, there is either no-money or no-way to adequetly give students the edjucation they despretly need. Other countries have there 16 year old at college level Reading & Math. Why, are we not making it more possible to allow a school to become a company? The lottery says they give to the schools but sadly its a bare obscure amont that certain school districts actually see. Plus, Teacher's would be better sought after and paid for there own exspireince as well as there own edjucation. Here in Missouri I feel the schools are in despret need of an over haul.Thank you for your time and comments.

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    While I agree with you in theory it hasn't worked so far. Most of the independant schools have already been shut down. How about paying our teachers what they're worth (they have a bachelor's degree & have to go for the master's to achieve tenure in most states if not all) and give them the resources they need. Kids can't bring books home to study, because they only have one set for each room (and a lot of these are out-dated. Teachers are buying basic classroom supplies out of their own pockets. Let's fix what we have. Instead of sending money to Iraq, let's keep it here & fix our own problems.

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    Public schools do, in fact, do a pretty good job. About 70% of all students that enter the first grade, in both public and private schools, graduate 12 years later. There are even a few 15 and 16 year old students in the US, and even in Missouri, that can read and do math at a college level. There are few nations that educate as high a percentage of their population as the US. Many of the so-called leaders in math and science only educate the top students in math and science. Privatizing the school system is unlikely to generate more money for schools. It is more likely to narrow opportunities and to create an educational elite. Private schools, in general have not produced significantly higher standards or scores. Charter schools, which are essentially for profit schools, have not had the impact that they were expected to have and this has created another drain on limited educational funding. Schools are already, in a sense, companies. They are much like public utilities. There is always room for improvement, but schools, in general are really doing a pretty good job.

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    If you ever saw the movie titled the corperation ,it would pretty much answer your question.

    corperations or companies have a 1 purpose goal,This goal is to make profits for the share holders.If this means hiring teachers that are less qualified becuase they are cheaper this will happen,If it means larger classrooms this will also happen,If it means less teaching hours this can happen also. You will also have unhappy disgruntled teachers that will not feel they are getting paid what they are worth and will feel they will only give what they are getting paid for. Now some of those private schools will excell becuase the parents have the money topay for a top notch education,What you will end up seeing is more of a disparage between the rich and the poor.So many gifted individuals may never bloom to benefit mankind. See the movie the corperation

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    Its not the money going the school systems, the average public school system spends $10,000 per year on each student. That is comparable to the tuition of a private school. Its not the teachers or the work or the demographic of students, its society that causes us to blame our school systems.

    We had this discussion in english class the other day. Why don't kids try harder to better themselves? Because society doesn't require them to. I myself do not try yet I'm holding a 4.0 and looking at a full ride to UGA or NYU. I'm going on to become a stock broker hopefully making a 7 figure income. If I can do this without trying, why spend the extra effort and bust my *** when I can be enjoying the luxuries of modern day technology?

    SO many factors play into this never ending debate, this is just one very small way to view it.

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    It would be near impossible to turn a school into a company. They barely make it even with book fees and government checks. If they were to be a company, everyone would be paying thousands of dollars. Also, school is required. That's makes it to were is can never become a company.

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