How do I fix my computer to see the external hard drive?

I installed an external hard drive which used to show up as "f drive" now I can't see it. What should I do (OS = MS Windows XP)?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Firstly, if you used to see it previously, you can try to do a system restore. This can be done by going to Start>All program>Accessories>System tools>system restore. Choose restore to an earlier time. Where you know you had been able to see the external hard disk.

    Secondly, if you prefer to use manually, You can right click computer, choose properties>click on the tab hardware>device manager> then scroll down to universal serial bus controllers. Right click on it and choose enable if it is disabled. Or go to properties for more information on your hard disk drive. If you do not see your storage device there, i suggest you restart your com and do a system restore. If even after that it fails, try to plug your storage device to another computer usb port. If it can be use then you should try it again with another computer usb port on your original computer and if the original computer still fail to detect it, then it could be that your computer is usb port is faulty. If the other computer also cannot detect it, then it is most probably that your portable hard disk is spoilt.

    Hope this help you =)

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    Did you connect another device since then because is sounds as if there is a drive letter conflict. To fix this



    Control Panel

    Administrative Tools

    Computer Management


    Disk Management

    Right Click on the External Hard Drive and select 'Change Drive Letter and Paths'

    Click on 'Change'

    Change the drive letter to the next on available

    Click 'Ok'

    Click 'Ok'

    This should resolve your issue

  • 4 years ago

    First attempt this. With the laptop working, plug it in. Wait 2 minutes and turn the laptop off. Disconnect the exterior hard rigidity, then boot back up. as quickly as working wait a minute and plug it back in to verify if the laptop sees the exterior hard rigidity. 2nd, receive a Linux .iso document and burn ot to a CD to make a Linux LiveCD. Reboot the laptop with the Linux LiveCD, then plug interior the exterior hard rigidity. this might or would possibly no longer provide you get admission to to it, yet whilst it does you may restoration your data on it on your residing house windows partition or consistent with possibility a 2nd exterior hard rigidity it relatively is connected. i understand Linux? Are you loopy? undertaking is maximum folk haven't any thought of what the possibility of Linux is, all they understand is residing house windows or MAC. it must be available when you get your archives off of it, to apply Linux to refoamat the hard rigidity via utilising the gparted software in Linux and redo the partition via deleting it and then click on the clean container bar and function it format NTSF. undertaking with clicking subjects is frequently touching directly to the failure of the stepper motor. archives restoration value better than basically finding out to purchase a clean exterior hard rigidity. i don't have the different answer for this occasion.

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    1 decade ago

    Do you have anything else mapped to you F:? If so - disconnect the mapping and remap it to another drive, then plug the external drive in again and see if it shows up in 'my computer'

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