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pelvic pain and cramps?

I have been having pelvic pain for like two months now, now a foul smelling discharge and pain after sex, what could it be?

I have a doc appointment, just want opininons, thanks

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    I have alot of cramping all month long, and also have very bad pain after having sex w/ my husband. I have Endometriosis. Until you see your doc it is almost impossible to tell you what you have. If it is Endo there are treatments out there to help control the pain.

    Good Luck

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    You could have an STI. It may not be anything to worry about and I'm sure your doctor will help and reassure you.

    Just don't panic.

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    This is not good. You could have an STI/STD or it could be a urinary tract infection. Lets hope that its the latter.

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    could be fibroids

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