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How accurate is a weather forecast for Sunday Christmas Eve?

I am having a birthday party both inside and outside for my daughter on Christmas Eve during the day. The forecast on the weather channel says scattered showers. The forecast in my local newspaper for that day says mostly cloudy. How accurate are these forecasts?

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    I completely agree with Mandos. Exept, wouldn't go to newspaper for first resource. Local weather folks are the last ones to choose. They never get straight to the facts, rather they straddle the fence for their sake. My first option would be National Weather Service ( Also, weather Channel are IN SOME CASES, like the local weather folks, as they sometimes straddle the fence, and I hate when they do that.

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    Since it's a few days out, they aren't super accurate yet. If you check, say, Friday for the Sunday forecast, there should be a decent agreement between forecasts.

    However, I'd go with your local newspaper. For starters, they know the area better so can make better forecasts, and second the weather channel is the last place you want to look for forecasts. I recommend the National Weather Service or your local TV and newspaper forecasts. (National Weather Service)

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    i would say somewhat accurate

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