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i think i may have lost her but iam not giving up the fight!!!?

Ok here is thr story, i had a crush on this mexican girl in my school?

i liked her and she knew it, so as the week went by she would start playing around with me going, hey are you ok, one day in class she was commenting on my shirt saying how god i looked in it, then just this one friday, i told her i liked her!

i felt so nervous that day! damn! that was the last time i saw her before she left! I just found out out she had a boyfriend the whole time!!!!!

but that does not mean iam going to give up that easily!

i need some vote of confidence from you guys please help me?

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    High school is the time to experiment and make mistakes and recover. Very few people marry their high school sweetheart. I say go for it, live and learn, and if you're going to make a mistake, do it now, not when you're 25 or 30! (21 and 22 are still good years to make mistakes, as long as they don't land you in jail)

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    hey so what if she has a boyfriend - unless she is married or engaged she is fair game!

    if she has a boyfriend, she might like you better anyway! and that's exactly how it sounds to me coz trust me if a girl aint interested, she won't even talk to you, let alone be flirting wit ya.

    I think you should go for it. Really make an effort to try and impress her, be romantic, you know, sweep her off her feet.

    I'd love it if I guy had that kind of passion with me - your not gonna give up that easily! It's so sweet!

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    If she has a b/f leave her alone. Maybe you took her being nice as a sign of flirting. You would not want someone going after your g/f would you? There are plenty other girls out there, just move on.

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    If she will flirt with you while she has a boyfriend, and then someday you are her boyfriend, do you think she will be keeping to herself? Or is she going to be chatting up boys behind your back?

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    there are some things that are not meant for us --- and if it is not meant for us --- LET IT GO..

    you deserve someone better...

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    hey guy, for as long as she is not yet married..........GO

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