Just swapped out CD-ROM for DVDRW, new drive recognizes DVD+R Discs as CDRW, why?

Okay, I know these discs work because I've used them on my wife's laptop. The model of DVD RW I'm working with on my system is a H-L GSA-T10 and can read and write all formats of discs, including double layer. When I put in a real disc or one I've copied previously from her computer, it reads it and recognizes it just fine, but when I put a blank one in, Windows XP recognizes it as a blank CD, not a blank DVD. The DVD is a Verbatim DVD+R. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

Thanks. If you need any more information for me, just ask.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    wow...that's rather unusual

    Only thing i could possibly suggest is going to the manufacturer of the DVD RW drive's website and downloading updated drivers

    or call the manufacturer for technical support...because something certainly sounds off

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Your DVD/CD-Romcontinual has come to an end. You had attain its optimal use. greater suited look for a sparkling one or its ruins your equipment records. purely a typical aide tip. you could blow an air compressure to the CDRomcontinual to do away with the dirt and sparkling the interior lens. in case you had the heart to open this. be sure you come it in its ideal place. Dont ignore your maximum necessary gadget to open thecontinual in unscrewing the screws. Its a huge paper clip to open the cdcontinual, look for a small hollow on the tray. Insert it gently and push it, your purely rotating the gears to open. Then tilt it the different way up. There you properly see a small around crystal, you need to brush it, or wipe it with a cotton. wish this permits.

  • 1 decade ago

    Honestly, I am not sure that XP does the function of DVD playing. I think you buy software to play the dvd's on your computer, not use XP as the software.

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