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Replumbing a wet dry filter pump?

I do not have a lot of experience with aquariums, but I am looking at a 75 gallon saltwater reef aquarium I found locally on ebay that could be modified into a large turtle habitat. Two questions... could I effectively change a saltwater aquarium into a freshwater? I don't believe it would be a problem after cleaning, but I need to make sure.

Also, the ad said the wet dry filter pump needs to be replumbed. What does that mean and how do I do that?

Here is the link to the item:


Is this a good idea? I currently have my turtles in a 55 gallon which was fine when they were a little smaller, but now they are nearing adulthood and I would like to get them in something bigger.

Any advice would be appreciated. If you know where I might pick up a used tank in the fort worth area, then that advice would be appreciated.

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    Yes, you can switch it back from salt to freshwater. You simply need to wash it out thoroughly with water. No soap.

    All you really want to do is get any residual salt out of the tank.

    As for replumbing the pump simply means that you'll have to get a pump and connect it into the wet dry. This is typically done via pvc connections and is pretty easy to do.

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