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Computer Question: What's the difference between mic in and line in?

What's the difference between mic in and line in? If I were to transfer music via mic in using cinch cable, would the quality be inferior to that transferred via line in? Any tips on how to improve quality going through mic in? Any usb device enabling line in via usb?


Thanks so far, but I cannot use line in because I have a laptop... thus no line in : (

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    The only difference is the level of input signal. The line in is sensitive to a signal of around 500mV, while the mic in is sensitive to a signal around 2mV. If you try to apply a higher signal to any of these inputs, you'll obtain a distorted output signal (the device limits the signal amplitude, this resulting in distortions if the input signal is over the device's limit).

    So, if you are trying to record music on your computer using an external source which gives you a line signal, that signal will be too high in level for the mic. in. and you'll get a distorted record, while it might sound wonderfully on the line in.

    Beside of that, some sound cards (most of them), provide, on the same connector, the bias needed for condenser microphones and a mono mic. in., instead of a stereo mic. in.

    A device that gives you a line in via USB? I don't know... How about using the line in connector on your sound card??? ;-)

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    I surely have Roxio 7 and that i take advantage of the sound recorder alot!!! Mic is an exterior device which ability your plug it in from the out edge to checklist sound from an exterior source.......... Line in i belive is inner sooo while i take advantage of line in on ROXIO i could data sounds my computing device makes (occasion) i bypass to youtube hear a music i like from a track video decide on LINE IN recording then start up recording and it will will checklist the music for me =) And in simple terms like that the music would be mine while not having to acquire it or purchase it..

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    mic is used to connect external microphone for online chatting or recording voice directly.

    line in -- is used to audio input from another electronic device.

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    USB line-in? naa. no such device. ...not yet. i'm working on one. don't know if it's possible but i'm just trying.

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