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Good Bandwidth Limiter for LAN Shop/Internet Cafe?

i badly need a good performance download bandwidth limiter for my big Net Cafe..

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    I highly recommend that you have a look at ZONECD at this site.

    It's not just a bandwidth controller you can control much more and it's free. Have a read of why it's a good idea to use it and avoid problems with people using your hot spot to spam from and you can filter certain content that sucks your bandwidth (like people leeching large movies etc).

    It's the complete WiFi HotSpot solution that runs on an old PC with two LAN cards in it. You make the CD (free download) bootable and it runs Linux. After initial setup it just runs forever.

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    why mess with utility (computing gadget needs to run each and each of the time; consumes extra potential..). get a respectable router that implements those issues in hardware. linksys/cysco have router with helpful factors like that..

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    configure a linux box for this purpose and customise it in u'r own way

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