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hey m 16 ... my tummy is getting enlarged ....... some suggestions plz.............?

my tummy is about 29' itz nt so large bt i dont like this ......... m nt fat . my arms r thin.... m face ,, legs everything is okey bt my tummy.......... give me some suggestions please...... m waiting

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    try the exercise sit-ups or push-ups this exercise will help you flatten your tummy.every morning for about 20mins.

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    That means u are sitting in a place for a very longtime maybe like in front of computer if u are working and also it means u are not doing enough exercise. Anyway if u want to get rid of that big tummy do Some Yoga. Not all exercises will help u to reduce tummy so check out for specific exercises and yoga postures. If u try Yoga within 1 week u can get good result....

    Source(s): personal experience
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    .. sometimes fat is distrubuted all different places around your body as some people can have skinny arms and legs but a really large stomache. Try doing excercise daily and eat better foods. If it isnt just you getting fat or whatever go see a doctor

    Source(s): Im fat. I know from experience
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    If you think it is something that should not be then go to see the doctor. Then again you may just eat too much or you know.

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  • 1 decade ago

    maybe you have dispepsia that are enlarging your tummy

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