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tragedies in Oregon...one avoidable, the other not...why?

would anyone take such risks? Mountain climbing at the worst of times with weather conditions at the worst in the forcast, but they went ahead and climbed the mountain anyway.

Did they not realize what dangers were ahead, and ultimately they would be risking their lives doing it? Not only their lives, but the lives of those that tried to rescue them. There has to be some common sense involved in this type of activity.

Now they have left family members in tears, for what? The moutain is still there and will be for hundreds of years. The climbers picked the worst time to climb, and probably have paid for that mistake with their lives. Was it worth it?

The father that left the car in the snow to find help with his family was heroic, these people were not. Agree?

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    I think we need to realize aa humans that sometimes our greatest weakness is our overconfidence. It comes into play when we know there is a reason we should not be doing something. our confidence tells us that we can get there before it happens or it wont happen to us. unfortunatly some of us get reality checks and some of us dont.

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    No, I don't agree. I was very saddened by the news of James Kim's death and I feel for his family. However, I live just a few miles from that area, and common sense has always told me...don't drive on that road in the winter. He could have taken I-5 to Hwy 199 to the coast and would be safe and sound now.

    Source(s): 31 winters in Southern Oregon
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