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i stole a bald eagle from the zoo, can i keep it??

i live in canada is that still illegal? i stole it from an american zoo. i feed it mcdonalds every day, i love it very much, what should i do?

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    They are good roasted with garlic mashed potatoes. Give it a try!

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    What is wrong with this picture. Be a man and take it back or let it go, depending on its age and how long it was in a zoo. If it is an older eagle, you didn't touch it! Not without it ripping your face off. If it was a young trained eagle, maybe. Just do the right thing and give it back. Even if you need to sneak in to the zoo and let it go. IF YOU HAVE ONE!

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    In Canada, it is legal to keep eagles. However, you have stolen the endangered American symbol of Freedom, and smuggled him into your country. This is a crime. If you are too ashamed to admit what you have done, release the animal. If you have any integrity at all, you will do the right thing by returning the animal and admitting that you stole it. What does your conscience tell you? This animal is not meant to live in the captivity you are providing. What you are feeding the animal will eventually kill it. Regardless, you will be judged by a power higher than any here on Earth. Shame on you for your careless behaviour.

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    Return it. You're in for HUGE trouble if someone catches you. First of all, you shouldn't be feeding a wild bird McDonalds, you will make it very sick. It needs raw meat to survive.

    Second, stealing ANYTHING is illegal, including Bald Eagles (not to mention you stole it in America and took it across the border).

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    It's an animal in danger of extintion... there are not many around.. my best advice would be to bring it back to the zoo where he can stay with the others of his species and ask the zoo to make you take care of it/visiting it when you want.

    If you keep it at home it will probably die in few months. It's still a wild animal.. not a parrot...

    Be nice to it.. bring it back where it can be helped before it's too late..

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    Are you serious!? If you are you should just take the eagle back where it can have a proper diet and be cared for by professionals. Maybe you should think of the best interest of animals before you steal them and not be so selfish!!! Just do the right thing and grow up.

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    Well, considering that it is on the Endangered Species list, and the National Symbol of the US, you may be a little hot water...I would suggest hiding out in Canada with it until hell freezes over or until a woman is elected President of the US, whichever happens first...Maybe you can sell it on Ebay...

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    Right, like you could get that close to it to begin with. The only people who could possibly get that close is a vet and a bird handler.

    Leather gloves is a requirement.

    You're out there, I want some of what you're on so we can both halucinate the same thing...

    Find something to do....

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    Congrats! You just had the best question of the day! Wooo-hoooo! I suppose i should answer too. I'd keep it. Ummm, and feed it some eggnog. It will like that

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    I THINK YOU ARE LYING! they are a very strong rapture, so between his claws and beak, you would have been a bloody mess and noticed by everyone in the zoo...that is like poaching in america...the fines are super high and jail time very lengthy! so why are you wishing this for yourself? (buy yourself a cage/kennel and lock yourself up in it...see what it is like for the bird and you when you go to prison...

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  • Ah-Ha! I think you will be able to get off the hook...there is an American loop hole in the law system that may work to your advantage.....

    Since you are Canadian...America won't prosecute....we don't hold the mentally retarded accountable for their actions, so being a total moron just saved you from jail!

    Way to go! Window licker!

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