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could anyone read my fortune?

my birthday is march 16. pisces

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    NOBODY can give you a correct reading based on the information you are providing.

    Numerology requires more info.

    Astrology requires more info.

    etc.... etc....

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    February 19-

    March 20

    Don’t let someone else take all the credit for the hard work you have been doing lately. Stand up for yourself and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

    Love: Take things slow. Moving too fast will cause problems later.

    Friends: You need to spend some downtime with your friends. You have all been so busy that you need to catch up.

    Lucky Day: Sunday

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    Yes.In the future you will have 2 twin-daughters,you'll name the first Isabel-Marie and the second Elizabeth-Ann.Three years after htey are born,Isabel will die in a car accident.You will spend most of the time in hospitals and your husband will divorce you.He will try to get the custody over Elizabeth and will succeed.You will see your daughter once a week.When she is 8 years old,you will meat a great man - he would be your other half in life.You will have a son from him(his name will be James).All of you will go to live in Florida and you will sicceed in taking Elizabeth with you.When Elizabeth is 15,she will decide to live with you and her 5-year-old brother.Elizabeth will get pregnant at the age of 16 and will keep the baby.Then you will take all the care of the newborn boy because Elizabeth won't be interested.When you are old,that boy(his name will be Eric) will take the care of you till your death.Your husband will die 4 years after you die.

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    When someone asks me, "what is it like visiting a fortune teller. Everything you need to know about numerology reading bible is here on this link

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    I see in you future you waisting time reading these messages lol

  • 1 decade ago

    I can't

    but I would advise you not to ask for it here

    shape it

    be the sculptor of your own...

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    your future is success

  • 1 decade ago

    your lucky

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