im a college student. i need a labtop notebook 4 about $500. Any recommendations of a good cumputer(hp/dell)?

i basically want it for basic needs. windows(opening a few windows at a time without the computer slowing down), word processing(microsoft word), watching dvd's...the basics.

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    Look for sales at local electronic stores. good deals on laptops are easy to find. MY advice would be a basic HP Pavilion DV6000. You can find them on sale for around 500-600 and they have a very nice 15.4" HD widescreen display. I own a higher end DV6000 myself.

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    We recently bought a Toshiba Satellite from Staples for 549 and came with free HP printer. Works great and you can run a good deal of programs and windows at the same time without any problems. Only troubles we have had is some poorly written software we downloaded off the internet and have since uninstalled. Has Windows XP home edition and came with most Microsoft software already installed. Check the Sunday papers in your area as stores are marking these down like crazy here close to Christmas. Stay away from those ones at Wal-Mart though. A lot of their "very cheap" priced laptops have been coming back for returns according to an employee near us. Major brands like Dell, HP, Toshiba, and Acer, and Gateway are usually a good bet.

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    There is no way he is getting a new Apple laptop for @$500.

    Check out the ads in the Sunday paper. There are a bunch that range from 599-399 after a mail in rebate. I got my HP DV6000 for $549 a while ago. The prices keep falling the closer you get to Christmas.

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    the cheapest notebook offer atm has Bestbuy for just $400. it's sufficient for the basics you mentioned and it's a Toshiba what is a reliable brand.

    and here is the prove that ebay isn't cheaper, on the contrary (btw, this is the cheapest offer i've found for the exact same Toshiba model). before having a look at ebay, always check the big retailers, you will mostly find a good offer and the risk is by far not that high.

    you can also look at Circuit City, they also have offers at and under $500, mostly Compaq notebooks.

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    If second hand laptop, you are looking maybe you got this price. I am a seller manager at Dell laptop company, so i can know, what is suitable for you. Dell is ok especially Dell XPS M1210 and Dell Inspiron 1510 ( 15.4" ). For watching Dvd using big screen is better. Using Microsoft for student edition. very helpful. Dell laptop price around $ 1000- $ 3000

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    in case you're in an engineering direction a reliable computing gadget could be a center i7 microprocessor from Intel. in case you're in a organisation direction the ideal desktops may be the favored Intel middle i5 microprocessor based computing gadget or an Apple Macbook. additionally, another laptops that are reliable for college are Dell Inspiron Laptops, HP Pavilion laptops, Toshiba satellite tv for pc Laptops, or Sony VAIO Laptops.

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    Best deals I've seen for the 500 mark came from ACER.

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    Wow, you're in college and don't know that the work is LAPTOP not labtop? Let me guess, you graduated from public school, huh? Can you even read your own diploma?

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    get a high end second hand notebook. since you're not a gamer, pretty much any laptop will do.

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    Well i'll advice you that you go for DELL inspiron coz its inexpensive than hp. You can search for the laptop and their price at and you'll see what you need.

    Gud luck.

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