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can i get pregnant 1 week after my period ended?

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    Yes, it is very possible considering about a week after you period ends you are probably around you most fertile time of the month. They say if you have a normal menstral cycle your most fertile days will be between like 14 and 16 days after the first day of your period starting. And if that's the case then you were probably right about that time frame. Just don't be concerned about it right now unless you are late on your period. Once your late on your period by 2 or 3 days then take a pregnancy test and see what happens. Wish you the best during your holiday season.

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    It all depends on how long your average cycle is. Ovulation (when you release the egg) always occurs 14 days BEFORE your next period (in a 28 day regular cycle, that's day 14. In a 35 day cycle, that's day 21 after the start of your last period). If you have regular cycles, it can be easy to determine when you will ovulate. If you have irregular cycles, it gets trickier, which is why many people have unplanned pregnancies. 1 week after your period ended would be around the time pregnancy could occur if you have a regular 28-day cycle (most fetile time is day 11-17 for 28-day cycle).

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    Yes most certainly.

    If you have a 7 day period, that would mean you were at cycle day 14 which is right on the time when you are most likely to fall pregnant.

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    Well it is possible that you can get pregnant 1 wekk after your period and by the way you can get pregnant while you are on your period.

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    Yes. It isn't the "prime time" but if you did not use protection then there is ALWAYS a chance you could become pregnant. I concieved the week after my period.

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    That sounds about the perfect time to get pregnant to me. If your cycles are around 28 days and regular that will be more or less when you are ovulating.

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