sale of old electronic books,mostly related to radio repairs.?

I have a good collection of radio transistor circuit books,original card document circuits of radio,trs.,tape recorders, reference manuals of trs.,valves. some instruments of repairing setup in working order.(all antique) also have one pye radio,36-H.1948 make and one zenith trs. both in working order

I want to sell them if anybody really interested and if they are of some use to him.How can i approach to him.?

mostely the circuits are of old and antique radios and all.

thanking you.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Check on eBay to see what this kind of thing is going for. You might also try some of the antique groups that are around. I have some old Sams PhotoFact stuff myself. When I checked, it seemed to be worth only about $2.00 per set or so. But the value is determined by the buyer. Check around.

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