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Lawsuit and Charges?

If a minor goes for a hospital stay, the parent or guardian has to sign for the billing purposes.

Now, that billing company goes after that parent or guardian for five years then overturns (sells) the debt to a collection agency.

But the billing company sold the person who was the minor's information instead of the parent or guardian.

They will not even converse about their mistake in selling someone's personal information (name, address, date of birth and SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER) wrongfully.

Is this enough for a lawsuit or police charges?


But the bill was NEVER my legal responsibility since I was a minor. The hospital themself even said the billing company was 100% in the wrong with handing out my name and information.

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    you can sue for that but you wont win the case because if you didnt pay the hospital bills then they can use that against you and I am pretty sure they will plant something on you to make it look worse then it seems...

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    its enough to sustain a suit but damages still have to be proven in order to justify any reward. that might be hard to prove

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