how do you scrapbook?

does anyone have any good tools to get started

or tips on easy fancy pages ...

our websites i can use

I love looking at my friends albums but they seem to be expensive and take lots of time I just dont know how they get it all done

Thank you for any help you have ...


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    There are heaps of websites out there. I won't post them here because most of the ones I look at are Australian. But, just do a search and you'll find heaps. Most websites have an online store and a gallery. The galleries are great for ideas too.

    I wouldn't worry about fancy pages at the moment. Just start off slowly and before you know it a beginner will be looking at YOUR pages wanting to know how you get all the fancy bits done!

    In regards to time, it's one of those things that if you love doing, you find the time! Scrapbooking for me is definately addictive, so I find time to scrap, even if it means I combine it with something else, like catching up with friends!

    As far as tools go, I think for the basics you really should look at:

    1. Good pair of scissors

    2. Paper/photo guilottine

    3. Acid free glue or double sided tape

    4. Eyelet kit

    5. Paper

    6. Coloured cardstock

    7. Stickers to embellish

    With these items you can create several layouts. Just build your tools and collection from there.

    If you can take a class or two, you'll find them beneficial. Also, have a look on the websites for a beginners section, or 'how-to' section. Scrapbooking magazines are good for that.

    Have a look here for beginner tips:

    Also, if you have a look through the clearance sections either online or at your scrapbooking store, you'll find perfectly good (maybe discontinued) items you can use at a discounted price. It doesn't have to be expensive to create good layouts.

    Another good site with downloadable fonts, gallery, shop, etc. I thought it had a beginners section, but I can't find it!

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    Check out this website, it has lots of unique scrapbooking ideas, supplies, layouts, kits and digital albums at real affordable prices. Its perfect for begginers like you! Let me know how it turns out!\lisette

    Happy Holidays!

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    hey! I've got like a ton of scrapbooks lying in my apartment! and it's always fun to go through them over and over again!

    first: while watching a boring episode of "the ab-king on sale @ verimark" - you take out all your old FHM's and your girl's COSMO and start ripping out all the pictures and sayings that you find funny or wise of sexy or whatever kind of photo you can relate it to.

    you'll get tired of looking for these small pics so, leave that for a while and start cutting out and putting it in a file.

    next day, you get yourself a clean-sheet scrapbook and sort out you photo's.

    and when you feel creative enough, grab a glass of wine put on your all time favorite CD and start creating buy sticking photo's on to the sheets and glue a pic next to it, maybe you can write something funny next to it or stick on a sticker or give it some character with a drop from your red wine - but remember as soon as you start feeling bored or rushing it - leave it for another rainy day! trust me, you'll get angry at the glue stuck on your fingers and the photo's suddenly all look skew!

    enjoy and at the end of the day, it tells the story of your adventurous life!!!!

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