how do I get a D.O.S game to run on my computer?(Redneck Rampage)?

I downloaded Redneck Rampage from C-net,and it's a D.O.S. based game.How do I get it to run in D.O.S.? I have a Hewlett Packard

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Is it installable? If it is, the setup should install a shortcut of the game for you..

    otherwise, if it's zipped file, and nothing to install.. just drag the whole folder to drive c:\

    then, click start > run> type 'cmd' (without the apostrophe) then ok

    then you will be on the dos mode... type 'cd\' (without the apostrophe).. then you should be on the root drive c:\

    then go that folder, whatever the name of the folder is, let's assume redneck.. then type 'cd redneck.. then type 'dir *.exe'.. you should find a executable file.. you can tell is easily.. then type that file name.. say redneck.exe..

    then the game should start..

    hope this helps. enjoy.

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