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Its OK not to have to say " UNDER GOD" in the Pledge of Allegiance?

This was added during the Eisenhower Admin in the 50s. I don't have to say it that way. The original version was just fine.


I have no problem pledging allegiance to the Republic, or the flag.

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    It doesn't make sense for the "Under God" part to be mandatory. Yes, if you choose to say the phrase, you should be able to say it. If you want to omit it, do so as well.

  • Jen
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    Let's break it down. To what are you pledging your allegiance?

    1. To the flag of the United States of America.

    2. To the Republic, which is represented by the flag.

    That's it. The rest of the pledge describes the Republic to which you pledge your allegiance.

    1. The Republic is one nation.

    2. The nation was founded by men who put their trust in God, therefore, it is a nation "under God." (It doesn't much matter *when* the phrase was included; the fact remains the same.)

    3. The nation is indivisible.

    4. The nation's hallmarks are liberty and justice for all.

    If you believe in these edicts and support them, then vow to be faithful to your country and all that it stands for. One of the rights granted to us under the banner of liberty is "freedom of speech." You can say all of the pledge, some of the pledge, or none of the pledge. It's your right as an American citizen to say or not say. But when push comes to shove, the question is do you, in fact, pledge your allegiance to this country? Don't worry so much about the form of the oath; the spirit of the oath is the salient matter.

  • Bryan
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    I think it is okay not to say "Under God" in the pledge. We are pledging our allegiance to the nation, not a religious concept. However, I also do not feel myself ill used in any way because the words are in the pledge. The words do not denote any particular god even though the meaning is implied to many.

  • Anonymous
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    As a Christian conservative I would say... I agree completely with you. The original Pledge did NOT have "under God" in it for its first 50 (or however many) years of existance and use, and I see no reason anybody should be forced to say this part.

    Forcing anybody to say this part is contrary to every ideal this country was founded upon.

    I would also say that it would be just as wrong to force people to eliminate saying it, too.

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    back when I was a kid we said the pledge everyday in school and saying under God was not even an issue remember the pilgrims in american history this country was based on freedom of worship and taxation without representation and we have strayed away from those basic things Iv'e looked at the few dollars I have left after taxes and it says In God We Trust on them dont get me started too late Merry Christmas to everyone

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    I proudly recite the Pledge of Allegiance including the phrase "under God."

    I have no problem with you not reciting it. Not everyone shares my view. You might want to think about that before you make too much of a pain in the butt of yourself.

  • sprcpt
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    Just replace the phrase "under god" with "F*** your god".

    I for one will not stand silent while the religious wrong preaches governmental endorsement of religion.

    If you wish to continue to disrespect the constitution and defile the pledge with an unconstitutional endorsement of religion, you better accept that you will have people treat you in the same manner.

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    why would anyone notice if you kind of just paused during that part while everyone else is saying the rest?

    do you have to say it individually or something?

    i would like to know how jade plans to enforce her child saying it. you sit next to her in grade school?

    I would like to know how you plan to enforce anything on your child, that you spew on this forum. Planning to follow her around every hour of every day? If you don't, she'll be doing it all when you aren't watching just out of spite for your lack of tolerance.

    have fun!

  • Jade
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    Okay, but I would really appreciate them not telling my eight (when she was five or six) year old daughter in school that she doesn't have to say it because until she is eighteen, she is going to say it.

    Out of respect for God and respect for our country, one would think that they would not inform kindergarteners or first graders that it's good to not say it. It isn't good. Everything that is good is respectful. Next they will be teaching them about families with two moms (NM I guess they already are... That just makes me SICK!)

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    If you do not want to say "UNDER GOD " dont , but you can not stop me. If you want to be ungodly then that is your right. But I have the right to follow my faith & I chose to include GOD in every aspect of my life including the PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE//

    Source(s): A proud american Christian
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