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Why is the world so consumed with Jews when there are only 13 mil of them,1/5 of 1% of the worlds population?

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    tells you something.

    Israel with six million Jews gets more press coverage than China with over a billion Chinese.

    I wish the world would finally leave us alone. Though apparently that is not to be our lot in life.

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    what's Bell artwork? in spite of everything, i could desire to supply you many: a million. international conflict 2 2. Jews do no longer seek for converts, so they only advance by organic boost fee in many cases. 3. Many Jewish born human beings no longer follow faith, which given 2 skill the numbers tend to no longer pass up plenty 4. for many of Christian heritage, Jews have had to stay in Christian international places and been intensely persecuted, for this reason the truthfully historic numbers of Jews became quite low initially. there became only approximately 20 million on the time of the Nineteen Forties i think of, so take 1 / 4 out of that inhabitants and you will understand why there are not many now.

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    Perhaps in your world everyone is "consumed with Jews", but the subject of our Jewish friends rarely comes up in our house.

    May I suggest that you change your world to reflect a broader base of speculation at the dinner table?

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    Influential group. Add in the numbers of Christians and Muslims in the world, and you see all of those whose beliefs are affected heavily by Jewish belief.

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    Great question! Who could have predicted it? Actually, the Bible predicts that the consummation of all the world's nations will revolve around Israel. Just another example of fulfilled Bible prophecy. Me suspects that you already know this.

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    You are the only one around here consumed with Jews.We treat them just the same as the rest of us around here.They are no different.

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    they may be only a tiny group, but they have contributed more to medicine, science, moral values, and civilization than any other group....God chose them to be the light of the bring his truth to others....they have done that, and the christians have also continued this tradition...

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    They are God's chosen people and have God's blessing which came to them through father Abraham

  • When anyone is oppressed we are all oppressed. So it does not matter how many of any people there are. What matters is how they are treated.

    And Allah knows best.

    Peace and Blessings,

    Imam Salim

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    GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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