I've heard rumors that Jesus had kids, do you think that Jesus was a virgin?

This based on your belief or opinion, as it is evident the bible never speaks of this...:)


Some have said that he and Mary Magdelene a well known prosititute at that time has a questionable relationship....

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    i think it vary possible that he was at least married due to jewish traditions at the time and well if he was married it would not have been a sin if he procreated with a female. seeing that he was married to her and all the bible ahs been changed to many times for any one to use it for anything

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    He was not married and had no kids, so yes, he was a virgin. ANd to those who don't think such a thing is possible, it is. Some people just aren't born with the desire for sex.

    And if Jesus were married, trust me, that would have been in the bible for anything important like that would have been recorded.

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    Actually Mary was not a prostitute, she was a woman of means. The bible seems a little vague as there were several Marys mentioned in it. I believe that Jesus and Mary were actually married. Seeing as Jesus was Jewish and preaching it is highly likely he was a Rabbi. In which case, he would have had to be married as all Rabbis are married.

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    Wow! Tough question. I think that Jesus is a virgin, because he never is supposed to feel guilty. He's "supposed" to be Holy. If he never got married he could of never had kids. I will ask my preacher on Sunday, but i think Jesus is a virgin.

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    Jesus may have had kids, may have been married. it is likely that he was married because (as has already been mentioned) it was tradition at the time. those of you who equate sex with sin and shame need to get laid. nowhere in the bible does it say that sex=evil. there are evil ways to go about it, of course, but the act itself is not inherently evil. finally consider that if he did or didn't get laid and have kids, it really doesn't change anything about how you're getting to heaven. so maybe they thought to leave it out of the bible. just like whatever colour his hair was. it doesn't change anything, but just because it wasn't mentioned, doesn't mean it didn't exist.

  • Ulrika
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    1 decade ago

    There is nowhere in historical documentation that Jesus would be married. He lived pure life. He was not married. So forth Jesus was a virgin.

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    Jesus was a virgin

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes Jesus was a virgin even in his thoughts

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My opinion? Celibacy is not natural. I can't imagine a healthy man in his 30's not having a sexual family life. I think he was married and did have a family.

  • tine
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    i don't think he had kids. the bible always told who had kids from what woman and how many and so on. many chapters are only written for showing that abraham was father of isaac who was father of ... and so on. so i think if jesus would have had kids bible would have mentioned it...

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