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India's win in first TEST against SA was a big achievment for Indian cricket,but not for the team....

What do u think?

It was India's first Test win in SA.

As this Indian team has lost a lot.the odi series in WI,in Malaysia,

,champions trophy matches,SA 0-4 odi series and then won a Test

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    it was a big achievement

    it was for both

    it boosted indian teams confidence and also encourged them

    odis and tests r 2 different forms of cricket

    i will give u 1 example

    c pakistan team has won so many tests and loss 2 eng in recent years but the odi perfomance has not been so good

    taht doesnt mean the test win is not great achievement.

    do u understand now. make this concept clear into ur head

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  • 1 decade ago

    After all a win is a win whether in ODI or Test Matches. For a team which was whitewashed by South Africa 4-0 in ODI, to bounce back and defeat the same team in the first test match is indeed creditable to the team. When that win happened to be first time in the history of Indian Cricket to defeat South Africa in their own country is all the more creditable and credit must be given to the team irrespective of the thrasing they received in ODI series

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Let me tell you what is good for Indian cricket is ALWAYS good for the team. After humiliating defeats in the odis the team needed a win like this to restore their shattered confidence. The first test win will go a long way in in Indian cricket.

    Perhaps the coach thought that to prove his existence he must do something different than the coach before him. He brought in some youth without giving time to get ripe and we know the outcome. Now they will think twice before experimenting with Indian cricket. The present team has certainly benefited by this win.

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  • 4 years ago

    i think of that is partly actual yet can't justify the humiliating ignominy that the team and the country went by way of. The Indian team has been used to taking part in back to back sequence and the deep bench power of previous due has helped relax gamers from time to time. for my area, the team is robust shown aptly via the international Cup win and the good streak that has been working for the previous couple of years. What took the team via ask your self is the unexpected exchange in situations. India has no longer been used to those situations for a at the same time as and the English team in no way allowed the Indian gamers to quiet down. The long record of injuries did no longer help concerns the two.

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  • john
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    1 decade ago

    it could be start of good things to come

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