i'm having my 2nd csection........?

would vaginal with an upideral be less painful during delivery and will i have to go through labor if it's a sceduled c section/

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    most people think vaginal w/epidural is less painful and no if it's scheduled you should no go in to labor

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    I labored with 2 and had c-sections with the same 2. So I can't speak to a vaginal delivery. However, the second c-section was a LOT easier to recover from. It was light years of difference. So don't judge how this one is going to go by your first one. Just make them let you up ASAP after you have the c-section. The more I walked the better I felt.

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    Vaginal with an epidural is almost pain free. The problem with this is that some mother's view it as a loss of the childbirth experience as compared to a vaginal delivery without epidural.

    Having already had a caesarean section, there is a 10% chance of failure of normal vaginal delivery should you opt for it. This is because your uterus had been previously operated on, and is at a risk of rupture during a normal pregnancy. Should your gynaecologist decide during a normal vaginal delivery that your uterus is at danger of rupture, you would then have to undergo an 'emergency caesarean section'. This is more risky than a planned caesarean section. The rate of conversion for a normal vaginal delivery to an emergency caesarean for a lady who had a previous caesarean is typically quoted by doctors as 10%.

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    C-sections are my pick. With a vaginal delivery you run the risk of tearing and then you have to be stitched. Plus if this is your second c-section I have read it is safer to stay with the c-section rather than go to vaginal. However, you can only have so many c-sections because it is hard on the body.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i have never had a c section but i have had 3 kids epiderals with 2 nothing with one myself i like the epideral route i didnt think the pain was so bad but everyone is different. do what the doc thinks is best

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