dizziness most of the time?

Age 36, weight 90 kg. Even I have enough sleep in night, during the day time I suddenly feel heavy sleepiness which I feel unable to resist. Its not lack of interest i.e., while important office work, meetings, driving I feel like attached with sleepiness, my eyes just tend to shut, I often feel my head in sleeping mode no remedy works.

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    1 decade ago
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    you may be a diabetic, and you need to see your doc.

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  • 4 years ago

    You ought to get looked at medically. Any style of dizziness or complications possibly really critical, however you can not recognise for definite till you get a clinical opinion. Any recommendation you get right here are not able to be dealt with as a clinical opinion within the identical manner as you could anticipate as soon as a health practitioner has tested you and you've got had diagnostic assessments. So, if you don't have any coverage I'm no longer definite what the penalties for that can be as I'm no longer within the US however without doubt, you could pass to a few public health center and get checked available in the market? Hope you're feeling bigger quickly.

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  • dymps
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    1 decade ago

    Go see a doctor concerning your symptoms it may be a symptom of something serious or something not serious. Going to see a doctor may clearify the issue; meanwhile take a look at the link provided.

    Dizziness is a common and inclusive term for several specific symptoms which include pre-syncope, disequilibrium and vertigo. Each of these more specific words is encompassed in the general term dizziness.

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  • 1 decade ago

    See a doctor have your blood checked, could be anemia or low blood sugar. However, I have to tell you that my sister and I hav e the same thing, accompanied by the heaviness when it is hard to keep your head up on your shoulders, and there is weakness with it too. Happened to me during driving and I came off the road. But go and have your bloodchecked it may be something simple for you. For us it remains a mystery.

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