what is a blowoff valve?

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    Also known as a BOV (Blow-Off Valve) or even Dump Valve.

    A blowoff valve is a pressure release system/item present in turbocharged engines, its purpose is to prevent compressor surge and reduce wear on the engine.

    A blow-off-valve is connected by a vacuum hose to the intake manifold after the throttle plate. When the throttle is closed, underpressure develops in the intake manifold after the throttle plate and "sucks" the blowoff valve open. The excess pressure from the turbocharger is vented into the atmosphere (into the air) or recirculated into the intake upstream of the compressor inlet.

    BOVS and Dump Valves come in different models, some are more efficient that others. Also some are louder than others... and they make a satisfying PTSHHHHHHHHHHH sound, when you release the trottle under acceleration !

    (enough to make the elderly and young children jump) lol.

    Running your car without a BOV or Dump Valve with result in whats called "wastegate chatter" ....it is where the Spring within the Actuator is forced open and closed rapidly, making like a loud fluttering sound.

    These items are more suited to more highly tuned/modified cars, where the boost circult and forces will be under more strain !

    Source(s): One of the major manufacturers of BOV's and Dump Valves is a company called BAILEYS... Some examples can be found here: http://www.msport.co.uk/acatalog/Bailey_Dump_Valve...
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    Ben- in case your motor vehicle isn't turbocharged you may not deploy a blow-off valve. in case your motor vehicle is swifter-charged, this tense device replaces the Waste Gate. What does a blow-off valve do to your motor vehicle? not something! It does not upload horsepower. it extremely is in simple terms a noise maker to charm to the attention of regulation Enforcement. So what are you able to place in to enhance a swifter-Charger's advance ability? HKS Controller, chilly Air intake, Intercooler, intense bypass Catalytic Converter, and a few variety of intense overall performance exhaust equipment. what's that this going to cost? $5000.00+ ordinary! ultimately, the Blow-Off Valve has not something to do with the EGR Valve. 2 completely different instruments, performing 2 thoroughly different projects. And... to not burst your bubble. in view which you do not comprehend the version between a Blow-Off Valve and an EGR Valve, I recommend you start up taking some effortless vehicle technologies instructions in the past you get into getting to understand with regard to the intense overall performance areas. Why? the final component you prefer to do is get into some thing it extremely is over your head, then have an extremely great restore invoice on your palms because of the fact your inexperience interior the job to hand is the consequences of the wear and tear performed to your motor vehicle. One final merchandise right here. overall performance does not equivalent gas performance. The extra horsepower you decide on, the extra gas would be required to make it. The extra horsepower you decide on, the decrease the reliability. This will become a component in view which you would be extra good on the areas that are doing the roles required of them. So think of in the past you come back to a selection to make important variations to your daily driving force. Making overall performance variations to your daily driving force, is an incredible thank you to have your pals passing you up with you caught on the edge of the line dealing with a huge tow invoice and a good greater restore invoice. base line, build your muscle motor vehicle for a weekend romp, and leave the 4 Cylinder job commute on my own. in simple terms talking from 25+ years of turning wrenches!

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    Its a thing you release to let of pressure on things like a hot water tank. Its a safety feature on things.

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    it makes a "piss" noise when you shift

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