Why is it so humorous to me to watch the charge political questions generate amongst supposedly docile people?

Ask any political question and you get a bunch of dill holes who talk smack and don't know **** (I starred that one out myself ;-)

a few who may know a little something, and then there are those so far out in some Iowa cornfield that they just ain't findin their way back. Is it wrong that I giggle bcuz ppl just are not capable of reading a question thoroughly and open-minded enuff that they just attack? And we can't figure out why there is so much genocide....can't we all just have the open minds we lay so much claim to having?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    well...its humorous because...i guess its your sense of humor...i personally think it funny 2...oh snap good question....whoa u must be really intellectual person! whoa....(this is not sarcastic!) its pretty awesome!

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