Muslims, if Jesus was not God's Son ,give me the name of his human father .?


I see that by ur estatements ur Quran contradict itself. It says that Jesus dont have human father ,that He came from God , that God sent him ,that He created Him ,but still deny that Jesus is God's Son . All other prophets had father only Jesus had not . Why ?? Is this not a proof that He had a higher status above ALL other prophets ????? All other prophets died only Jesus didnt,is this not another proof that he had higher status then ALL other prophets ?? Why God made Jesus so special if he wasnt so important like Mohamed ??

Update 2:

U cant compare Jesus with Adam . Adam was only the first human made by God Adam was made of dust ,,Adam didnt had any human parents, becouse he was the first human , ,Adam sinned against God , he didnt produced miracles ,didnt raised people from death nor he healed illness,after God made Adam and Eve ,the human reproducted themself ,God didnt create other humans from dust .Jesus had a human mother ,Jesus was not made from dust as Adam ,Jesus was sinnless. Jesus produced miracles,raised people from death ,healed illness didnt marry but he lived a sinnles life .

So to say that Jesus was created like Adam it sounds like a blasfemy to me.

Update 3:

Alltough muslims coudnt proove me that Jesus had human father they still deny that God is the father of Jesus becouse so it was written in Quran . So they go beyound logic . Thats why I choose Tracys's answer as the best answer .

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    Now, you know they can't do that. Jesus is the Son of God.

  • E.T.01
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    He did not have a human father and that is the miracle. It does not mean that Jesus was the son of God. I don't understand how this is a contradiction in the Quran. But I dont think in the end if you are good and pious that it matters if you thought he was the son or not. Muslims will not be able to convince Chirstians that he was not the son of God and Christians will not be able to convince Muslims that he was.

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    Jesus Christ was born without a father... meaning without any male intervention. Just as a queen-bee can lay hundreds of eggs without there being a "male" bee to impregnate her. It's a miracle of God Almighty.

    Today artificial insemination in animals is common and is working. In humans IVF or test-tube babies prove that male sperms infested (without an intercourse taking place) in the female can successfully get her pregnant. Gene technology is soon going to further prove that Jesus Christ's birth without male intervention was possible !!

    To answer your further details... In Quran Jesus Christ is mentioned as one of the mightiest messengers of God Almighty. Muslims regard Jesus Christ as such. Mohammed came with the message that Jesus Christ is not God himself but was born out of a miracle of God Almighty. Quran also instructs muslims to talk about the common terms with Christians that are there both in the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran.

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    God informs us in the Quran that Jesus was born without a father, that Mary was a virgin and she went through a lot of trouble in her life for Gods sake.

    But the concept of Oneness in God is very holy in Islam.

    Oneness demands that no human born..or any other creature for that matter be in the same level as God.

    Because there is only One God...and everything His creatures.

    So when Christians say Jesus is Gods son and worship God through Jesus, they are breaking down the Oneness and sole worship of God. Because we are born alone..and we die alone and we have direct relationship with God without mediums.


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    The bible doesn't contradict itself? That's news.

    Asker, why don't you learn a little about truth and logic and learn to understand the phrase "you can't prove a negative".

    Why do you want the name of the human father of jesus? If someone cannot provide you with that name, do you believe that this strengthens your beliefs that jesus did not have a human father? I bed that is the case.

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    Give ME the name of Adam's (pbuh) and Eve's human father!

    If God could create Adam (pbuh) and Eve without the agency of parents, then surely the Almighty God can create another human being without the agency of a father.

    So, Jesus (pbuh) was born without the agency of a father - human or otherwise.

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    Give me the name of Adam's human father. If you say Adam's father is also God than Jesus(peace be upon him) is nothing special compared to Adam. God forbid if i say anything wrong.

  • AG
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    We Muslims believe that Jesus (peace be upon him) does not have a father

    God has given Blessed Marry a son, no one touched her

    We believe that God does not have a son

    "Say He, Allah, is One..Allah is He on Whom all depend..He begets not, nor is He begotten..And none is like Him." Quran 112

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    First off the Bible says that Jesus The Christ was the son of Man

    only human beings gave him the name of the Son of God.

    Second thing is Muslims believe that Jesus the Christ was a prophet from god, as it says so in the Quran.

    3rd thing, I am Bahai, and have read both the bible and the koran in addition to several other books of Faith, Writtings from God

    and we believe that Baha'u'llah is Christ come again.


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    We never said Jesus(AS) had a father that is the whole point of his divine conception,the miracle of his birth.Why is it called the immaculate conception because it is exactly that.There is no father and Jesus(AS) is the prophet of not the son of God.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Seems like you got a legit answer from the muslims

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